Call for Papers

We ask, kindly, that the whole text be read with attention

The 2019 IAPT Conference will gather together general lectures, as well as round tables and presentations of papers in a single event. Upon registering the participant will have the opportunity to circulate in the different spaces, participate in the various round tables and listen to the various presentations of papers. Every duly registered participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Who can attend the IAPT 2019 conference?

  1. Members of the academy;
  2. Doctors and PhD students not members of Latin America;

These participants (n.2), if they present a paper or poster, we will consider the following:

  • The abstract will be evaluated for approval or not
  • The communication / poster should preferably be in English. If it is necessary to be in Portuguese or Spanish the abstract and later the paper or the poster must be in English. We will provide a student who speaks English to assist in the presentation section

How much will be the registration fees?

US$ 350 for members and non-members

The registration will be validated upon payment of the registration fee and being present at the event.

Very important: the registration fee shall be paid after the receiving of the acceptance letter (if you will register with paper presentation) or when registering, if you are a listener participant.

To submit a paper for presentation:

To register with paper presentation (communications or posters), you must access the topic “call for papers” and “step on of the submission process" (located at the end of this page). Upon doing this you should login to the page or, if you are not registered, register yourself (remembering to click the option “author”, since, if you do not click this option you will not be able to submit abstracts to the event) filling out the requested information in detail. Much attention is needed when filling out the form. Faculdades EST Is not responsible for data entered incorrectly.

To regiser with paper presentation, you are asked to submitt just an abstract (up to 250 words) up to December 15th.

The full papers need to submitted (voluntarily) before a new deadline one month before the conference. Register participants who had their abstract accepted will receive an e-mail with instructions about it.

The payment of the registration fee is the condition for validating the registration and for including your presentation in the general program of the event.  As asseverated above, the registration fee shall be paid after the receiving of the acceptance letter. Each participant can submit just one proposal for presentation.

The themes for sending the abstracts are the following (also check out the item “Track Policies" in the menu “information about the conference”:

  • Decolonizing theological concepts and practices
  • We welcome papers that describe and analyze the role of Practical Theology in relationship to colonialism, postcolonialism, and decoloniality in local, regional and international contexts within a historical and socio-political framework.
  • Religious Practices, cultures and spirituality
  • We welcome papers that describe and analyze the role of Practical Theology in the context of diverse practices and religious pluralism, particularly where historical churches or/and theologies find themselves faced with a new religious milieu.
  • Liberating Hope: practical theology in action
  • We welcome papers that describe and analyze pastoral/theological practices with vulnerable people who struggle for recognition, social and institutional transformation, and environmental sustainability.

To register as a listener: You must click on the topic “registration”, accessed on the menu “information about the conference” on the site of the event.

Important observations:

  • It is the responsibility of the person proposing the paper to be present on the day defined for the presentation;
  • There will be no return of the registration fee if there is a no show or for any other reason;
  • The approval of the proposal for oral presentation guarantees the divulgement of the abstract in the official program of the event.
  • The approval of the abstract does not imply automatic approval of the complete text for publishing, this evaluation process will happen after the event.
  • Texts of participants who did not orally present their work will not be published.
  • The abstract can have up to 250 words, and must present the theme of the research, the developments adopted in the investigation, the methodology used and the main results. At the end of the abstract the person should define the type of presentation (Example: communication or presentation of a poster).
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to redirect the type of presentation (communication or poster) or redefine the theme, according to the profile of the presentation or the number of spaces available, duly informing the participant about the alteration.

Author Guidelines

The complete text should be submitted after the event.

This is a later step. Specific instructions will be sent out.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2019-01-22.

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