We suggest two hotels downtown São Leopoldo:

Hotel Suarez and Hotel Express. (They are next to each other). These hotels are close to restaurants and pubs and for those who like to enjoy the evenings after the conference it is an ideal place. It is in walking distance to the venue - 1.2km.

For those who like a quiet place there is the CECREI – the Jesuit house located in a nice park. Distance to the venue: 2.0 km.

Remember that each is responsible for the reservation and booking of his or her accommodation. Identify yourself as participant of the IAPT Conference to get the special discount that they offered.

Hotel Suarez

Hotel Express

CECREI – Centro de Espiritualidade Cristo Rei

  • 43.00 US$ approximately per person for a suite
  • 29.00 US$ approximately per person for single room
  • 26.50 US$ approximately per person for double rooms
  • Breakfast included

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