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International Academy of Practical Theology Conference 2019

Conference of the International Academy of Practical Theology held at Faculdades EST, São Leopoldo, Brazil.

  • April 4, 2019 – April 8, 2019

    Dear IAPT members and  guests!

    Welcome to the 2019 IAPT Conference!

    The IAPT biennial conference in 2019 is located in Brazil, Latin America, a context where liberation and hope are central motives of Liberation Theologies, deeply rooted in the Latin American cultures. São Leopoldo, located in South Brazil, is considered the birthplace of German immigration that began in 1824.

    The topic "(De)coloniality and religious practices: liberating hope" is the theme of the Conference and will guide the keynotes,roundtables, plenary as well as paper and poster presentations with the aim of discovering the place of Practical Theology in a world with constant changes and contrasts.

    In the following links, you have access to all information you need to make an astonishing and unforgettable experience in Brazil.

    Local coordination

    Júlio Cézar Adam
    Valburga Schmiedt Streck
    Nilton Herbes
    Iuri Andréas Reblin

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    Financial Support

    Participation in the IAPT conference in Brazil. Preference will be given to IAPT members; financial support will mostly be limited to travel costs. For Latin Americans there will be financial support only for registration fee. Click on the link below to access the form and register your request:

VI Latin American Congress on Gender and Religion

  • August 14, 2019 – August 17, 2019

    In 2019 the Gender Research Group celebrates 20 years of its formal constitution at the Graduate Program in Theology at Faculdades EST. Considering the path walked and the current context experienced in Latin America, the VI Latin American Congress on Gender and Religion will be a space to present, discuss and produce knowledge around three main themes.

    Vulnerability: is a concept used in several areas of knowledge to discuss complex issues as the maintenance and deepening of the situation of poverty and inequality, as well as to question patterns of relationship and self-identity that have a potential of questioning, subverting and transforming the structures. The VI Congress wants to deepen the discussion about this theme as a denouncing element of realities of oppression and domination and as a potentializing element for processes of liberation.

    Resistance: is a key element to confront the backlash and deepening of violent practices and systems. The production of knowledge in the field of feminist and gender studies, many times, are still accomplished as a form of resistance to the hegemonic knowledges. A resistance that is also made of the joy of meeting and sharing, of the rebelliousness and imagination that creates possibilities where there are none. In this there are theoretical and methodological implications that will be explored during the VI Congress.

    Justice: is to utopic horizon that guides the production of knowledge and the political action. It reflects the projects of society expressed, for example, in the biblical idea of “shalom” and “new heavens and new earth”, in the indigenous concept of “well living” (sumak kawsay) or in the African notion of Ubuntu. Particularly, we are interested in discussing in the VI Latin American Congress on Gender and Religion the perspective of “gender justice” as a concept and as a policy that seeks to overcome all forms of inequality, violence and oppression and points to the hope that feeds the construction of another reality from the creative imagination.

  • August 23, 2017 – August 26, 2017

    The Latin American Congress on Gender and Religion gathers researchers, students, community and social movements leaders and public policy makers from several parts of the world, particularly coming from Latin American countries. In 2015, more than 300 people from 20 countries participated in the IV Congress, representing the most diverse sectors.

    The main goal of the Congress is to discuss current issues in the field of research, political action and community life in the intersection with the themes of Gender and Religion, from the most diverse areas of knowledge. Besides, at each edition, specific themes are chosen to represent pressing issues that organize the main conferences as well as the general activities of the event. For the V Congress “Ecology- Economy – Ecumenism” were chosen as those themes. According to Nancy Cardoso Pereira:

    “Three neighboring words rub at each other here: economy, ecology, ecumenism. The three of them share the oikos: basic social unit (house, but also world). Simplifying: economy → oikos + nomos (law/norm); ecology → oikos + logos (comprehension/study); ecumenism → oikos + form of the feminine passive participle (inhabited/habitants). They are, this way, three forms of being in the world and organizing life in the world. While economy disposes, normatizes about the ways of production of life in relation to the world, ecology seeks to understand those relations and their logic and implications and ecumenism asks itself for the ways (objective and subjective) of occupation/life in the world”.

    Besides thinking about those three themes in relation to Gender and Religion, the V Congress also takes place in the context of the calendar of events related to the 500 years of Protestant Reformation. In this sense, it intends also to discuss the impacts and the meanings of the Reformation of the XVI century in several areas of knowledge and from diverse perspectives from the three themes proposed.

    All people, groups, organizations and institutions are, from now on, invited to participate in the process of construction of this event that, besides being a space for academic and scientific reflection, intends to be a great gathering for the exchange of knowledges and construction of alternatives.



    CATEGORIA A: (Valor R$ 30,00)
    • Discentes de graduação da Faculdades EST com apresentação.
    • Discentes de graduação de outras instituições sem apresentação
    • Discentes de pós-graduação da Faculdades EST sem apresentação
    • Lideranças de movimentos sociais, organizações e grupos religiosos
    • Comunidade em geral

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    CATEGORIA B: (Valor R$ 50,00)
    • Discentes de graduação de outras instituições com apresentação
    • Docentes da Faculdades EST sem apresentação de trabalho
    • Agentes públicos
    • Discentes de pós-graduação da Faculdades EST com apresentação
    • Discentes de pós-graduação de outras instituições sem apresentação
    • Docentes da Faculdades EST com apresentação

    CATEGORIA D: (Valor R$ 100,00)

    • Discentes de pós-graduação de outras instituições com apresentação
    • Docentes de pós-graduação de outras instituições sem apresentação

    CATEGORIA E: (Valor R$ 150,00)

    • Docentes de pós-graduação de outras instituições com apresentação


International Congress of Faculdades EST

  • September 10, 2018 – September 13, 2018


    The International Congress of the Faculdades EST is in its fourth edition, promoted by the active Research Groups in the institution and by their partner networks. It will take place between the 10th and the 14th of September of 2018 and will have as its general theme “Politics, EST(h)et(h)ics and Rights: theological thinking in dark times”.

    In this edition, the IV International Congress of the Faculdades EST invites participants to debate about:

    • Politics, especially, democracy, the political role of theology, the relations between religion and State and the actions of religions in public life, above all, when living with differences becomes a scenario of violence.
    • The esthetic experience and the artistic expressions as witnesses of the world, as a possibility of critical reflection of reorientation toward theological action.
    • Rights, especially, human rights, and thinking about the role of theology in the construction of the relations between people and with the world.

    We graciously invite you, therefore, to political, esthetic and ethical commitment – in hope and in prayer – with freedom, dignity, equality and communal interaction with differences. Come, reflect with us, think about strategic actions, share experiences, establish relations, create bonds, sing out hope in one of the most significant academic events of 2018. Come and communally interact.

    We rejoice with your presence.

    We await your registrations and remain at your disposal for whatever needs there may be.

    Prof. Dr. Iuri Andréas Reblin
    Prof. Dr. Marcelo Ramos Saldanha

    (General Coordination of the IV International Congress of the Faculdades EST)


    Promotional video:






  • III International Congress of Faculdades EST

    September 12, 2016 – September 16, 2016


    The International Congress of Faculdades EST happens in its third edition, promoted by the acting Research Groups of the institution and with its partners. It will occur on September 12 to 16 and its general theme will be “Reform: tradition and transformation”. It wishes to foment the analysis and reflection on transformation – religious, cultural, social – and the retake of religious and cultural tradition and memory by means of reform processes.

    To think together, you are formally invited to participate in the conferences, mini-courses, roundtables, paper sharing sessions, book releases, spontaneous rounds of talk, among other elements of the program. With your participation, from several regions of Brazil, from other countries in Latin America, Africa, North America, Asia and Europe, we will have instigating talks and we will construct new projects of research and action.

    The Congress will be composed of many Thematic Symposiums, promoted by the Research Group of Faculdades EST, offering spaces for paper sharing, workshops, mini-courses, round tables, among other formats. The news this year is that all registration management will be by the Open Conference System.

    We will be pleased with your presence. We await your registration and we will remain at your disposal for whatever is necessary.

    Prof. Dr. Rudolf von Sinner
    Congress Coordinator


    Call for papers has ended.

    Listener participants may register up to september 1rst.

    Click on the items on the menu below to access information on program, accommodations and localization.




  • September 12, 2016 – September 16, 2016

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