The Program of the V Latin American Congress on Gender and Religion “Ecology – Economy – Ecumenism” enables spaces and forms of socialization of the knowledge developed in diverse ways and by diverse subjects, seeking always to uphold proposals developed in and from Latin America. In this sense, there will be space for lectures, conferences and roundtables with acknowledged scholars. Besides, the academic and scientific productions are socialized and debated through oral presentations, presentation of posters, experience reports articulated in Working Groups (GT). The acknowledgement of the importance and valuing of knowledges produced in non-formal spaces are made possible through Exhibits, Expositions, Fairs and diverse activities. The scientific committee of the Congress is formed by a group of professors and researchers with acknowledged tradition in the field of work and connected to scientific research institutions guaranteeing the quality of the event.

The V Congress will be a unique opportunity to meet and articulate several subjects involved with the themes proposed by the event, coming from several countries and distinct contexts. This meeting is fundamental for the systematization and socialization of knowledge produced in this field through numerous initiatives in the continent, allowing, at the same time, a deepening of the reflections and the articulation of partnerships that have as a final goal the transformation of social relations, contributing for the improvement of the quality of life at every level.

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