About the conference venue


Conference venue

The conference will be held on the campus of Faculdades EST.


The conference fee will include most of the food you need during the conference.

This includes:

  1. Reception on Thursday evening,
  2. Coffee breaks,
  3. Lunches,
  4. A light dinner will be served at Faculdades EST after the excursions and
  5. Conference dinner downtown Porto Alegre at a typical Gaucho restaurant.

Remember to state any food allergies when you register for the conference.

Breakfast: served at the hotels where you stay.

Please note that the reception on Thursday only includes coffee/tea and cake. However, you can buy food at the hotels or downtown.

Additionally, the dinner on Friday evening will be on your own. You can find some recommended places for dinner Friday at the conference website/practical information.

On the campus of the Faculdades EST there are cafeterias and you can purchase food and beverages.

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General Information for your trip


We are providing some general information for your trip to São Leopoldo:


You will arrive at the Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre/RS. From there you can take a metro directly to São Leopoldo – Get off at Estação São Leopoldo. It will cost about 3 reais.

If you want you can take a taxi from the airport or UBER and go directly to the place where you will stay. Taxi will cost around US$ 37.00 and UBER 14.00 US$.


You will not be able to pay with US$ or Euro. Use credit card for hotels and restaurants and exchange money at the airport to pay for metro or taxi.


The weather during early April is usually mild with temperatures around 15 to 25C. Its fall and dry. However, we suggest you check before coming.

Traveling in Brazil

There might be members who want to come some days before, or stay some days after, at the conference to experience more of our country. You will have an amazing experience. We certainly hope you will be able to do that. However, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to respond further to questions regarding traveling in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin-America. In these cases we recommend the travel agency


The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. However, many people understand Spanish and English. We imagine that there will be no problem to get around. Brazilians are always willing to help foreigners. At the downtown hotels, there is always someone that speaks English and can help you. Remember, that this is an important intercultural experience to be in a country where English is not the main language. However, people will be doing their best to welcome you and show hospitality.


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