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Faculdades EST

September 10, 2018 – September 13, 2018


The International Congress of the Faculdades EST is in its fourth edition, promoted by the active Research Groups in the institution and by their partner networks. It will take place between the 10th and the 14th of September of 2018 and will have as its general theme “Politics, EST(h)et(h)ics and Rights: theological thinking in dark times”.

In this edition, the IV International Congress of the Faculdades EST invites participants to debate about:

  • Politics, especially, democracy, the political role of theology, the relations between religion and State and the actions of religions in public life, above all, when living with differences becomes a scenario of violence.
  • The esthetic experience and the artistic expressions as witnesses of the world, as a possibility of critical reflection of reorientation toward theological action.
  • Rights, especially, human rights, and thinking about the role of theology in the construction of the relations between people and with the world.

We graciously invite you, therefore, to political, esthetic and ethical commitment – in hope and in prayer – with freedom, dignity, equality and communal interaction with differences. Come, reflect with us, think about strategic actions, share experiences, establish relations, create bonds, sing out hope in one of the most significant academic events of 2018. Come and communally interact.

We rejoice with your presence.

We await your registrations and remain at your disposal for whatever needs there may be.

Prof. Dr. Iuri Andréas Reblin
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Ramos Saldanha

(General Coordination of the IV International Congress of the Faculdades EST)


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